Inherited Flavor

Komego Miso believes in ginherited flavorh. In other words, taste cannot be without tradition. Thatfs not to say that our modern day miso making only considers drawing from traditional techniques. However, Komegofs continuing mission will always remain the same; gTo deliver a delicious tasting miso to our customers.h

Preserve the tradition, tell the history

Keeping the Traditional Taste. We feel honored to have a long history of being the sole provider of miso to the Head Temple of Eiheiji. the second year of Tempo era(1831), the taste of Komegofs miso and our ideology have been passed on from generation to generation.

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Miso Products of Komego

Miso comes in variety of different tastes and textures depending on the length of fermentation. Each type of miso from our wide selection is gborn and raisedh in our factory. We are proud of our products because of how much time and care goes into making each one.

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