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The sole provider of miso to Eiheiji

The Soto Head Temple Eiheiji consists of about 70 big, and small, buildings called Dendouroukaku, which are multi-storied buildings located on high ground. These are located around the main structure of the temple, the Shichido Garan, along to the Daibutsuji mountain.

This temple, founded in the second year of the Kangen era (1244) by Dogen Zenji, is also considered to be a world-famous “dojo” (training hall) for Zazen meditation.

Miso has been a precious source of protein for the vegetarian “Unsui”, who are Zen Buddist monks undergoing intensive daily training at Eiheiji Temple.
Komego, is the official provider of miso to Eiheiji temple, an honor that was entrusted with the Misogura (miso storehouse) of Eiheiji temple.
Our miso is made with meticulous care in the management of the storehouse which, as well as in the examination of ingredients, the miso’s taste depends on. It has been continuously favored for its traditional rich flavor.

The front appearance of Komego no Miso main store
Company name Komego Co., Ltd.
Address 2-15-26, Haruyama, Fukui-city, Fukui prefecture,
910-0019, Japan
TEL +81-776-24-0081
FAX +81-776-22-0740
Established the 29th year of the Showa era (1954)
[Founded in the second year of the Tenpo era (1831)] 
Production capacity 400 tons per year
Line of business miso, soy sauce, rice, salt, other seasoning

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