Facilities of Our Factory

Proudly Dedicated to Keeping the History and Tradition of Hand-made miso

Fine rice produced in our hometown, Fukui, where there is an abundance of beautiful nature. Home-grown, carefully selected soy beans.
Not only honoring the traditional production method of miso, using solar salt to extract the natural gUmamih from each ingredient, but also during the course of production, the process of steaming the soy beans, Koji production, preparation, fermentation, and so on.

For more than 180 years, the method of miso production in the Komego miso storehouse has remained the same. Therefs no secret; just keep doing what has been done for generations and never neglect any single process. That is the basic key behind Komegofs delicious products.

Facilities of Our FactoryFacilities of Our Factory

If you wish to visit our factory, please use the inquiry form or an email to tell us the date of preference and the number of visitors in advance. The tour is free of charge. Also, please check our FAQ on our website.

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History of Factory Facilities

The following is the record of our factory facilities since 1954, the year we reorganized to become a stock company.

1954 Reorganized to a stock company, gKomego Store Co,. Ltd.h
1964 Steel-framed factory building (2 stories) 330㎡
1965 Elevator equipped. Until then, 100kg of rice and 60kg of soy beans are lifted up to the second floor by man power.
1966 Grain washer
Warmed brewing fermentation room No1-No4
Lifter for moving fermentation tank, the first one
Fully automatic flue pipe boiler
1967 Steel-framed factory building 64㎡
1968 Warmed brewing fermentation room No5-No8
Two gShinshu kogutih style automatic yeast-making machines 500kg
1970 Well digging finished
Grain washer brought down from the second floor
1971 Steel-framed factory building 43㎡
First period of construction; Natural miso storehouse and warmed brewing fermentation room No.9
Facilities for piping miso
Stainless tank for packing installed
Steamed rice tank
Fan-heater for warmed brewing fermentation room No.9 installed
The second lifter purchased
1972 Steel-framed factory building 88㎡
Underground heavy oil storage tank equipped
Second period of construction; Natural miso fermentation storehouse
Preparation in a storehouse in Uenohonmachi, Fukui city
Rotary type rice steamer
Miso mixer
1973 Zenmigou New mixer
Automatic miso packer
Air conditioner
Two stainless fillers
1974 Replaced to a stainless chiller and a stainless yeast supplier
Nagata-style automatic rotating yeast-making machine
Two belt conveyers
High voltage receiving equipment
Rotary type soy bean steamer (second hand)
Miso strainer machine
1975 Ingredient storage and discharge apparatus
1976 Dismantled the wooden factory building
Built a steel-framed factory
Soy bean silo
Automatic measuring machine
Stainless grain washer
1977 Fermentation foom, Next to No9
1978 500kg mixer
Miso digger machine
1979 Replaced the motor of the elevator
Started piling the 3-story steel -framed building
1980 Changed to FRP fermentation tanks (amount:2)
1981 Steel -framed building 16㎡
Changed to FRP fermentation tanks (amount:32)
Two Samson Boilers
Rice boiler
Sky-style continuous rice steamer
1982 Replaced one filling machine
Another filling machine sent to overhaul
Automatic miso packing machine
Stainless miso strainer machine
1983 Two pumping machines
Separated miso transferring pipes to Suri (Ground type miso) and Tsubu (Half-ground type miso)
1984 Miso mixing stirrer machine
Filling machine for cups
Sticker machine
Snow melting pipe on the west side roof of the factory
Re-roofed the west side of the factory
1985 All amount mixing machine
Jet-Pressure steamer
Replaced ingredient transferring pipes
Under water pumps Power up replacement Lowered 20m
Electric Shutters (amount: 2)
All amount mixing machine, 3t
Sparrow net
1986 Stainless steel plate molded below disk of the Yeast room
Automatic temperature controller mounted on warmed brewing fermentation room No.1-No.9
Soy bean steamer with a jet-pump
Two Samson Boiler
1989 Renovated the shop
Miso filler