Komego has been devoted to making miso since its establishment in the second year of the Tempo era.(1831)
Komego has also been favored for a long time since reorganization to Komego Co., Ltd. in the 29th year of the Showa era.(1954)


Komego store Co,. Ltd. was established with 1 million yen in capital. (First fiscal year sales: 9 million 8 hundred and 50 thousand yen)


The main building for the production of miso was reinforced with concrete. The facilities related to the production were placed on the second floor, and four rooms for warmed brewing fermentation were completed on the first floor.
(about 319.8 m2: 8 million 2 hundred thousand yen, Sales at that time: 24 million 6 hundred thousand yen)


The first president, Goroji Tada died of disease on March 26th and Kenji Tada took over the business.


With the installation of a fully automatic boiler, four rooms for warmed brewing fermentation were added and lifters to move the whole production barrel were purchased to take the first step toward modernization of the factory.
Komego given an award for gexcellent facilities for foodh by Fukui Public Health Center.


Komego was awarded as gexcellent seller of salth by the chief of Kanazawa Regional Bureau, Japan Monopoly Corporation.


Capital increased to 2 million yen. A steel framed factory building (65 m2) was newly constructed.
Four rooms for fermentation were added and gShinshu kogutih syle automatic malted-rice-making machine was equipped.


Komego was awarded as gexcellent seller of salth by the president of Japan Monopoly Corporation.
The annual sales exceeded 50 million yen.


The steel framed factory building was enlarged by additional 43 square meters to equip a large room for fermentation.
Two automatic machines for filling miso, facilities for piping miso, and a second mobile lifter for miso were purchased.


Capital increased to 6.7 million yen.
The land plot of 667 tsubo (about 2201.1 m2) was purchased in Washizuka, Fukui city. A steel framed factory building (88 m2) was added and underground heavy oil storage tank was placed.


Komego received an award as an gexcellent corporationh.
A new house was built and the former house was remodeled into the office.


Capital increased to 10 million 50 thousand yen. The companyfs name was changed to Komego Co., Ltd. Labor-saving machinery such as Nagata-shiki rotary type automatic malted-rice-making machine, rotary type rice steamer and NK can used for steaming soy beans, and high voltage receiving equipment were installed. The annual sales exceeded 100 million yen.


Oodo Food Co., Ltd. (4 million yen in capital) was founded in the central wholesale market.


Capital increased to 13 million 5 hundred thousand yen. A new steel framed factory, covering a total area of 328 square meters, took the place of the last wooden factory. A soy bean silo with the capacity of 10 tons and cereal washer were installed.


Komego succeeded in making all the products of gKomegofs Misoh manufacturerfs original additive-free products after the installation of a Miso extraction machine and automatic mixing machine. Komego was given the gexcellent corporationh again.


A headquarters building, which is three-story reinforced concrete building covering a total area of 385 square meters, was completed.


Eleven tanks for fermentation were added.


Komego received the gexcellent corporationh award for the third time.


Capital increased to 17 million yen. Two pumping machines were introduced.


Kunio Tada became president, and Kenji Tada became chairman of the company. Miso mixer was introduced.


The mortgage was completely paid off and Komego was completely debt free.


Capital increased to 20 million 4 hundred thousand yen. Komego was awarded their fourth gexcellent corporationh award.


A stone tablet inscribed with a haiku of Basho was reerected (Hoshiyoiduka).


Sales management system was introduced. Mail-order service was started.


An automatic yeast-making machine was introduced. The annual sales exceeded 200 million yen.


An automatic filling machine and a vacuum packaging machine were introduced. Komego was awarded the fifth gexcellent corporationhaward


Komego launched its web page on the Internet. A new brand, gKiwamih was launched.


Customer management system for mail-order service was introduced.


A cryogenic refrigerator was installed.


Kenji Tada died on July 1.
Komego was awarded their sixth gexcellent corporationh award.


The manager of the factory, Mr Ito, celebrated serving 50 years at the company. Replacement of the whole mixing machine was done. Kazuhiro Tada became president, and Kunio Tada became chairman of the company. Internet mail order system was introduced.


A mixing machine for brewing was installed.


The business innovation plan of small and medium-sized enterprise was approved.


The main store of the company was redecorated.
gHomareh, a new brand miso which was matured at low temperatures over a long period, was launched.
A class for making miso was held.


A cooking pot equipped with a heating-cooling system was introduced.
A new filling machine was introduced.
Echizen-nabe-miso was launched.


Komego was awarded the Director general prize of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the 30th commendation ceremony of the best companies in food industry.
Komego exhibited its products in the food section of Fukui prefecture at the exhibition of the design products, Nippon (Ginnza Matsuya).
Komego was certified as gchild-rearing family supporting companyh in Fukui city.
Echizen-nabe-miso was awarded a governor prize.
Miso rusk was launched.


Two filling machines were introduced.
gMisoyaki-Saba-oshizushih (Miso-flavored grilled mackerel pressed sushi) was sold in collaboration with Family Mart for a limited time.
Miso-flavored Koro-ni of Kamisho taro was launched.


gMy spicy miso way, curry misoh was launched.
Instant miso soup of Komego was adopted as an in-flight meal of business class of JAL International Flight.
Curry miso was introduced in the program Kansai televisionfs gYo-i-donh


Shio koji (salt-flavored koji) was launched.
Komego was awarded a best 10 prize in the 2011 net-shop contest of Hokuriku area.
gMisobiyorih, blog by staff was started.